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Who We Are

The Castetter Cannabis Group is an advisory firm that helps small and medium-sized businesses make well informed strategic decisions in entering and planning for long-term success in the New York cannabis industry.

Kaelan Castetter and Jim Castetter 1997

Jim Castetter & Kaelan Castetter

circa 1998

It starts with hemp wine in 1997.

Jim Castetter founded the first hemp infused wine, Hemp Wine America, in 1997. The company enjoyed break-out success, with distribution from coast-to-coast. After two years of success, the federal government repealed his label approval citing the use of the word "hemp".

In 2015, Kaelan Castetter, Jim’s son, began exploring the legality of bringing hemp wine back to the market. He was also met with steep opposition from federal agencies. Undeterred, the duo successfully proved to New York State that according to the DEA's own rulings, non-psychoactive hemp ingredients were allowed in alcohol.


In 2017, the wine hit shelves once again and their company was awarded New York's first processing license.  

Hemp Wine Background
Our Services
The Story
New York strives to become a national leader.

In 2015, Assemblymember Donna Lupardo (D-123) recognized the potential of hemp and moved to create the Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. As one of the State's first hemp operations, Kaelan and Jim worked closely with Lupardo to help cultivate a vision of the Empire State becoming a global leader for hemp.

To help businesses, regulators, professional services providers, and the public understand the constantly changing regulatory environment - the Castetter Cannabis Group was formed. 

Our small but experienced team has quickly become a leader in ensuring fair policy was implemented, working closely with lawmakers, regulators, and the Governor's Office. 

In 2019, we became founding members of the New York Cannabis Growers & Processors Association (now CANY), a powerful voice in Albany on hemp and adult-use legalization.  

Leading the Way. 

Using our knowledge of the market, regulations, and the cannabis culture; we have become a trusted source of expertise for policymakers, entrepreneurs, and the community.

The Castetter Cannabis Group strongly believes in helping to solve the knowledge gap through our weekly newsletter, thought leadership in the media, publishing policy reports, and advisement of New York's industry leaders. 

Meet The Team
Amman Headshot 03.jpg

Amman Weaver 
Director of Corporate Advisory

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Amman began his career pioneering the design of operational risk scenarios at Barclays Investment Bank. Prior to that, he received his bachelor’s degree in Economics from the State University of New York at Geneseo. Specializing in corporate finance, business strategy & risk management, his skillset helps to advise clients in best practices for navigating the nascent cannabis industry. His input is valuable in shaping our analysis of how complex regulatory frameworks relate to operational risk


Kaelan Castetter
Managing Director

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Kaelan has been in the New York cannabis industry since 2015 as the founder of Sovereign Vines: America’s Only Hemp Infused Wine – a restart of his father’s venture from 1997. Over the last five years, he has led large-scale hemp cultivation operations that included 16 farms throughout New York as well as a compliant cannabinoid hemp manufacturing operation in Binghamton.

Kaelan is now an advocate and advisor for cannabis entrepreneurs looking to be successful in the New York cannabis industry, serving as Managing Director of the Castetter Cannabis Group. The firm assists leadership teams in understanding complex regulations, developing sound strategies for market success, and providing government relations to municipal, legislative, and regulatory bodies. He works closely with regulators and lawmakers in developing sound policy solutions to help establish a competitive marketplace rooted in fairness and equity.


Aly Piscatelli
Compliance Specialist

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Aly has been in the cannabis industry since 2011, starting as manager of dispensaries and manufacturing facilities before opening her regulatory compliance firm in 2015. Her compliance expertise includes facility compliance, regulatory body communications, violation mitigation, operational deployment, and extensive knowledge of state-required seed-to-sale tracking systems. Combining operational experience with compliance-focused assistance, she has been able to support license holders in running lean operations, using accurate inventory data to drive business decisions. Aly has helped numerous licensees achieve and maintain compliance in 16 states. Aly has a bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Urban Planning and is certified in Inventory Planning and Management through the globally recognized supply chain institution APICS. 

Our Services


We help you build successful advocacy campaigns that center your voice in the regulatory & legislative processes.


Our team will also assist your business in forming impactful relationships with local officials and municipalities.

Regulatory & Strategic Analysis

The current and future regulatory outlook affects almost all aspects of decision making for cannabis operations. Our expert team will help to guide you with fully researched insights, analysis, and regulatory forecasting - setting your business up for success.  

Adult-Use Application Writing

From security and compliance to social equity plans, our experienced team will put your business in the best position to receive licensure. 

Business Planning

Prepare your business for entrance into the volatile cannabis market through careful planning, market data, and professional financial models. 

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