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Efficiently Grown: Key Recommendations for an Energy Responsible Cannabis Market

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Published: July 27th, 2021


This White Paper advocates for an incentivized, education and performance-based approach to cannabis cultivation energy efficiency policy. We explore the technical requirements necessary for efficient and effective cannabis growth and examine innovative strategies for moving forward with cultivation policy. Key recommendations include:

  1. Development of a State created “Seal” that would signify a company’s cannabis meets certain efficiency and environmental standards. This education/certification program would qualify successful participants for THC potency tax reductions to help offset investments needed to produce sustainably grown cannabis products while serving to add more transparency to the supply chain and allowing consumers to make more informed buying decisions. The goal of offering a cultivation tax credit would be to help sustainably grown products be more cost competitive. 

  2. The Office of Cannabis Management should collect and analyze usage data from cultivation licensees. This data can then be published in reports and used to best inform policy makers.  

  3. Tax credits for meeting certain energy efficiency/usage thresholds in collaboration with utility companies. 

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