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Regulatory & Strategic Advisement 

Every business decision in the cannabis indsutry is guided by regulatory structure - what you can and cannot do. Our analysis goes beyond just what the text says and dives into regulatory intent, political context, and risk analysis to give your leadership team a clear picture of the path forward. 

Regulatory Forcasting

How will regualtions and policy change in one month, a year, or the next decade? 

Manage risk by understanding the political, economic, and people-driven factors that influence policy. 


Entering new markets can be a risky and daunting task without the right information. 

Custom tailored reports on governments, regulatory structures, and laws for municipalities, states, and nations across the world.  

Policy Analysis

Timely, in-depth, and accurate analysis available on demand through our unique client-only portal. 

Use our reports to guide decision making, pitch investors, or to brush up on policy before a media interview.

Strategic Communications

We know the industry and issues inside and out - helping to ensure your messaging to lawmakers and regulators is communicated effectively. 

We'll help you build advocacy campaigns on the local or state level to bring awareness to your business and key policy issues.  

What Our Clients Say

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