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Kaelan Castetter and Jim Castetter 1997

Jim Castetter & Kaelan Castetter

circa 1998

It starts with hemp wine in 1997.

Jim Castetter founded the first hemp infused wine, Hemp Wine America, in 1997. The company enjoyed break-out success, with distribution from coast-to-coast. After two years of success, the federal government repealed his label approval citing the use of the word "hemp".

In 2015, Kaelan Castetter, Jim’s son, began exploring the legality of bringing hemp wine back to the market. He was also met with steep opposition from federal agencies. Undeterred, the duo successfully proved to New York State that according to the DEA's own rulings, non-psychoactive hemp ingredients were allowed in alcohol.


In 2017, the wine hit shelves once again and their company was awarded New York's first processing license.  

Hemp Wine Background

New York strives to become a national leader.

In 2015, Assemblymember Donna Lupardo (D-123) recognized the potential of hemp and moved to create the Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. As one of the State's first hemp operations, Kaelan and Jim worked closely with Lupardo to help cultivate a vision of the Empire State becoming a global leader for hemp.

To help businesses, regulators, professional services providers, and the public understand the constantly changing regulatory environment - the Castetter Cannabis Group was formed. 

Our small but experienced team has quickly become a leader in ensuring fair policy was implemented, working closely with lawmakers, regulators, and the Governor's Office. 

In 2019, we became founding members of the New York Cannabis Growers & Processors Association, a powerful voice in Albany on hemp and adult-use legalization.  


Reliable insights. 

Our team of analysts, researchers, and experts are constantly reading through new legislation and regulations that affect the cannabis industry here in New York, nationwide, and globally. 

We take the time to comb through dense bill text and regulations to gain a true understanding, then utilize our industry knowledge to deliver relevant insights and analysis that matter to you.


 Rely on our team to keep you up-to-date and in the know.


Meet Our Team

Kaelan Castetter

Kaelan Castetter

Director of Policy Analysis

Kaelan has been in the New York hemp industry since 2015 as the founder of Sovereign Vines: America’s Only Hemp Infused Wine,  receiving the first issued hemp processor license in 2017. He was successful in arguing that federal rulings on the product were  Kaelan is also a co-founder of the New York Cannabis Growers & Processors Association, a group that was heavily involved in discussions around adult-use cannabis legalization and helped to write the Hemp Extract Bill during the 2019 legislative session.

Amman 5.png

Amman Weaver

Risk & Market Analysis

Amman began his career pioneering the design of operational risk scenarios at Barclays Investment Bank. Prior to that, he received his bachelor’s degree in Economics from the State University of New York at Geneseo. Specializing in corporate finance, business strategy & risk management, his skillset complements the company’s operations in navigating the nascent cannabis industry. He has assisted clients in financial projection modeling, market analysis, and risk calculation. Amman guides CCG towards success with an emphasis on integrity, creativity, and passion.

Aldous Loyd

Aldous Loyd

Cultivation Analyst

Aldous is an expert in the genetic development and cultivation of cannabis. He has a lifetime of experience spearheading commercial growing operations throughout North America. His scientific knowledge combined with years of practical experience has honed his careful approach to the cultivation of industrial hemp. He has become a trusted source of information for hemp growers throughout the State looking for advice on facility design, pest management, fertilization plans, and more. 

Jim Castetter

Jim Castetter

Market Analyst

Jim is the originator of hemp-infused wine, breaking out his innovative product in 1997, working with hemp producers in the Netherlands and Germany. He has watched and participated in the development of industrial hemp from a small movement to a billion-dollar industry. He has also spent years as a master mechanic and auto racing marshal, bringing his passion for excellence to everything he does. Between his time pioneering hemp-infused wine and forming CCG, Jim led the Northeast in sales at Verizon. With his experience and invaluable skills, Jim delivers the ideal balance of experience and creativity. 

Viraj Mehta

Viraj Mehta

Director of Business Development

Viraj Mehta is an experienced project manager, specializing in the legal cannabis sector. He is the Founding President of Green Wolverine’s Binghamton Chapter, the first and largest national student professional organization, focused on opportunities for success in legal cannabis or related fields. In the summer of 2019, he assisted in the management of a 30-acre hemp cultivation project in North Carolina from seed to sale. Viraj has led & consulted on various projects in the sector, leveraging a combination of creative, analytical, and leadership skills. At CCG, he ensures the success of our clients by coordinating our team of experts and analysts to deliver the highest level of advisement.

David Nachman

David Nachman

Client Relations Manager

David is a highly driven and creative individual currently finishing off his Bachelor’s Degree at SUNY Binghamton and has been accepted into Binghamton’s Fast-Track MBA program. David also serves at the Vice-President of Green Wolverine (Binghamton), the first and largest national student organization devoted to professional opportunities within the legal cannabis sector. Previously, David worked as a MarketAbove all else, David is excited to utilize his knowledge and expertise in order to contribute to a bright and successful future at CCG.

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