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Southern Tier Hemp Summit 2018

In 2018, CSG put together the Southern Tier’s first Southern Tier Hemp Summit. The event brought together hemp industry leaders from across the country to educate, network, and plan for the future.

Southern Tier Hemp Summit brings hemp industry leaders to Binghamton

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. – The Hemp Industry has begun to plant itself in New York. The first Southern Tier Hemp Summit was hosted Friday by the Castetter Sustainability Group and the Binghamton University Office of Entrepreneurship. The event featured hemp industry leaders from across the country to help educate, network, and plan the future of hemp in New York…

-Binghamton Homepage

Public Policy Panel (Full Video)

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PUBLIC POLICY PANEL We tackled some of the hottest and most contentious issues in the hemp industry with our Public Policy Panel. Watch for topics on The 2018 Farm Bill, Anti-Felon Provisions, GW Pharmaceuticals, FDA Regulations, and more!

On the panel:

Veronica Carpio – Founder / GrowHempColorado

Joy Beckerman – President / Hemp Industries Association

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo – responsible for the industrial hemp program in New York.

Cristina Buccola – Former General Counsel / High Times Magazine


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