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Farmer Spotlight: Meg Southerland

Meg owns and operates Gardenworks with her husband Rob Southerland in Salem, NY. The farm has been in Meg’s family since 1911, though the operation has changed quite a lot since Meg’s childhood.

Gardenworks Farm

Inside of the converted dairy barn at Gardenwroks, Meg and Rob run a marketplace filled with artisan-made products from around the world. There is even a gallery and museum of the farm’s history in the upper-level. Over the Summer they run a weekend cafe and visitors can pick their own blueberries and raspberries. In the Winter they decorate the barn for the holidays and Santa makes a visit!

“We live in a rich area and richness is measured in beauty, fresh air, clean water, and resourceful and talented people” Meg says describing Washington County. She says that farmers find joy in the simpler things. They get great value from friendships, producing a good crop, and sharing their farm with others.

Meg says people should choose locally grown hemp products because it builds a relationship of trust between the consumer and the farmer. The consumer can have confidence that the farmer has grown a good crop and farmers can provide lab results so that consumers know exactly what they are purchasing.



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