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A Recipe for Success: Edibles in the Empire State

On our latest episode of Empire State of Cannabis, we discussed how the combination of New York's legendary food scene and legalization could change the way we think about and consume cannabis-infused edibles.

World-Renowned Chef and Edibles Innovator Joins Us

Ron Silver, the Chief Creative Officer at Azuca and Owner of Bubby's Restaurant, sat down with us to share his insights on where innovation in the edibles space is going and how New York will add a unique flair to the product category.

Azuca is an edibles manufacturer that's focused on creating fast-absorbing ingredients for use in both CBD and THC products. Their focus has been to create better-tasting ingredients that take effect in 2 to 15 minutes through thermo-dynamic bonds at the molecular level. He said during the interview that he found the marketplace was flooded with poor quality products frequently with a bad aftertaste.

Edibles Could Expand the Marketplace

With low dose edibles, Ron believes many people who are looking for relief but have an aversion to smoking could become regular consumers. Those products could also change the perception of edibles by daily cannabis users. Advantages such as minimal smell and a better ability to control dosage could make these products popular amongst both regular cannabis users and new adopters alike.

New Options for NYC Restaurants

Ron remarks that, if given the choice, he would do away with serving alcohol to sell infused foods and beverages at his restaurant. This may fit into the "on-premise consumption" license category included in both the MRTA and CRTA where the licensee is not allowed to also sell alcohol but can serve consumers cannabis products with specifics to be worked out in regulations. If existing restaurants have access to these licenses it will pose an interesting decision. Beyond the fact THC is known to increase appetite, some patrons may be much more inclined to consume cannabis over dinner and could search out those restaurants specifically.

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